2 Days Workshop

29th and 30th October

Knowledge Exchange and Training on Locally Manufactured Small Wind Turbine

Workshops starts at 9:00AM

Venue: Dining park Lounge and bar, Mid Baneshwore, Kathmandu

Brief Summary

Wind energy is an untapped renewable energy resource in Nepal. Several pilot project installations and resource assessments has been carried out in the past decade leading to stacking of appreciable knowledge base. But there is no significant step yet taken in the sector that would establish the small wind energy sector market base. Moreover, the issues associated with the past small wind projects are emerging out largely in technical aspects. In the absence of any regulatory and policy framework, the sector is tackling with lot of standing issues. A robust and reliable small wind turbine system with verified power performance is a must for the rural electrification projects in Nepal. This has been established to be of utmost importance with the locally constructed small wind turbines with reference to the number of installation carried out in the past.

In order to strengthen the knowledge base for small wind turbine systems, the 2 days’ technical workshop will demonstrate and guide the participants with standard process of designing a wind turbine projects and solar wind hybrid projects. The workshop will also demonstrate the use of the online design tools developed at National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) for locally constructed small wind turbine system widely practiced across the world. During the 2 days, the workshop will cover component by component understanding of small wind turbines along with design guidelines and standard practice for solar wind hybrid system.

This two-day workshop is organized by Kathmandu Alternative Power & Energy Group (KAPEG) in cooperation with People, Energy and Environment Development Association (PEEDA) and Rural Electrification Research Group/National Technical University of Athens (RurERG/NTUA). Mr. Kostas Latoufis of Rural Electrification Research Group (RurERG) of NTUA is delivering the technical content of the workshop.

Program Schedule and Content

Please send an email to k.silwal@kapeg.com.np for any further information.