Offgrid - Rural Electrification

Wind-Solar Hybrids

Knowledge Exchange & Stakeholders Engagement Workshop

18th April, 2018 (Wednesday)

The small wind power industry is undergoing gradual growth in the recent years. The energy tapped from wind-solar hybrid system has already demonstrated that access to electricity can be made possible in extremely remote regions of the country where the electricity grid is far from reach. With more effective assessment projects and proper implementation model, it is possible to turn the technology to become more viable and sustainable solution towards electricity access. Therefore, the key objective of the market assessment of small wind turbine is to provide policymakers and practitioners in Nepal the information needed to progress with small wind technology and maximize its utilization.

Market assessment is a multidimensional approach to determine the viability of a location for the application of small wind turbines (in this case) considering various aspects of contributing factors such as wind resource, solar resource, topography, distance to grid, accessibility, market factors and demography. The wide aspect of Market Assessment is brought down to principle contributing factors to identify and understand the scope of small wind turbines in context to Nepal for which the collaboration between KAPEG and Wind Empowerment is organized.

Therefore, KAPEG has started collaborations with Wind Empowerment with support from WISIONS to work primarily with the following objectives,

  • Providing actionable information regarding the opportunities and barriers to small wind in Nepal, gained through a number of expert interviews.
  • Highlighting areas within Nepal that are anticipated to be most viable for off-grid small wind turbines, accounting for a range of factors.
  • Producing maps of Nepal, indicating where small wind is predicted to be the most cost-optimal off-grid generation method based on data gathered during the project.

The workshop jointly organized by Kathmandu Alternative Power and Energy Group (KAPEG) and Alternative Energy Promotion Center (AEPC), will be used as a platform to disseminate the results of the small-scale, off-grid wind power Market Assessment project which is currently being carried out by KAPEG and Wind Empowerment (WE) and supported by WISIONS.

We would like to invite you to participate in this 1-day workshop event and request you to send the confirmation of participation at your earliest convenience.

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Program Schedule:

Date & Time: 18th April 2018 / 9:30AM to 3:10PM

Venue: Yalamaya Kendra, Patandhoka, Lalitpur, Nepal

Contact: Som Tripathi,, 9843150972

See the detail schedule here with workshop contents.



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About the Presenter

Alfred Alsop is a researcher from the UK, currently a PhD candidate at the Wind and Marine Energy Systems Centre for Doctoral Training at the University of Strathclyde. Alfred is also the Treasurer and Market Assessment Working Group Coordinator in the Wind Empowerment association, an international NGO registered with the UK Charity Commission.

Alfred's expertise lies in market assessments for off-grid generation, specifically focusing on small scale wind power as part of his PhD research. Part of this has involved developing a greater geo-spatial modelling focus to Wind Empowerment's pre-existing Market Assessment Methodology (which has been utilized in projects in Malawi, Ethiopia and Nicaragua to date). This methodology is being used for the Nepali Market Assessment, the results of which will be shared at the upcoming stakeholder engagement workshop on April 18th.

Wind Empowerment is a network of engineers, academics, dedicated to the promotion and development of small wind technology for off-grid contexts, consisting of a series of six research themed working groups (Technology, Maintenance, Education, Market Assessment, Delivery Models, Measurement). The organization is active across 5 continents and hosts a biennial conference to facilitate member collaborations and showcase recent projects.