KAPEG Participated in 2nd Wind Empowerment Conference 2014

Photo Courtesy Wind Empowerment

The 2014, 2nd WE Conference was conducted in National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) Greece with participants working in small wind turbine all across the world. The conference became a great platform to meet different people with significant knowledge exchange in the entirety of the conference period. KAPEG participated in the conference sharing its work with small wind turbine experience in Nepal and at the same time had the opportunity to learn about different components of small wind turbine for sustainable rural electrification.

The conference initiated different working groups such as Technology, Education, Maintenance, Delivery models and Measurement groups to align the diversified expertise of different members. Later, various standing issues in different components of small wind turbine was presented by the working groups which led to creating fruitful collaborations among the members.

The conference was a great experience for KAPEG and it can't wait to attend another conference in the future.

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Photo Gallery

Wind Tunnel Testing at NTUA

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Measurement Working Group Brainstorming Sessions

Measurement Working Group

DIY wind data logging workshop

Wind Turbine Alternator Testing Workshop

Posted by Kimon Silwal