International Conference on Small Wind Turbine


KAPEG participated in the three days International conference on small wind turbines which took place at Chennai, India

Shri. Bhanu Pratap Yadav IA&AS, Joint Secretary, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Government of India was the Chief Guest for the Inaugural Session of the International Conference on Small Wind Turbine which was held on 10th December, 2018. Special Address was given by Dr. K. Balaraman, Director General, NIWE and Ms. Jessica Rivas, Coordinator, Wind Empowerment, UK.

The conference was sponsored by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), conducted by NIWE in association with Minvayu, Aurore Systems, Tamil Nadu and Wind Empowerment, United Kingdom. The conference saw presence of Indian entrepreneurs, scientists and rural development champions along with international participants.

The main highlight of the conference was the exchange of open source technical advances, sharing experiences and discussing the global best practices to enable the technology to expand rural wind electrification globally.

The conference discussed on the Agreeable definition of Small Wind turbine. Presently the upper limit capacity stands around 50 kW equivalent as per IEC definition and Industry practice tending towards 100 kW. In order to have a standardized definition unanimously acceptable to all stake holders internationally for an orderly and healthy small wind market development, a discussion was carried out to arrive at a harmonized agreement.

The International conference brought together a wide national & international audience under one umbrella to build, learn and compare global small wind turbine. The conference brought together manufacturers, producers and experts from diverse energy sectors. Over three conference days involved various discussions, sessions and Poster presentations that facilitated the dissemination of best practices & experiences globally available in small wind turbine development.

The conference involved different Lectures and Poster presentations that cover the dissemination of experiences globally with small wind turbine development, especially in developing countries and how these experiences can be applied to India and other developing countries. Discussions about education, market assessment, and sustainability was a big part of the conference.

Conference themes

· Education & Training: Providing tools to facilitate training on small wind turbines

· Delivery Models: International Best practices in the implementation of wind rural electrification

· Technology: Developing technological innovations related to small wind systems

· Maintenance: How to keep a small wind turbine working properly

· Measurements: Development and deployment of electronic measurement equipment

· Policy: For sustainable growth of SWT sector

· Global Harmonization of SWT Rating.

Conference Pictures