Building a 2.4m Ferrite Magnet Small Wind turbine at Kathmandu University

31st Oct to 4th Nov, 2017 (5 days)

Venue: Kathmandu University, Technical Training Center

Supported by: WISIONS

Students from engineering department of Kathmandu University, Pulchowk Campus and Thapathali Engineering College joined the 5 days construction workshop hosted by KAPEG, RurERG and PEEDA at Technical training center at Kathmandu university. Small wind Practitioners such as Wind Power Nepal and AEPC Government organization also participated during the training course.

At the end of the final day of the 5 days’ workshop, participatory certificates were distributed to each individual. The construction workshop completed on 4th November 2017 with the development of 2.4m small wind turbine.

Mr. Sayed Rahim Mahadi from Renewable World, Bangladesh and Mr Jawad Hasan from Greevo, Bangladesh joined in as international participants for the 5 days construction workshop.

The wind turbines built in the workshops are based on the designs of Hugh Piggott, a renewable energy expert living in the off-grid community of Scoraig (Scotland), as described in his ‘Wind Turbine Recipe Book. These wind turbines can be constructed with the use of common materials, simple manufacturing techniques and basic tools, providing a low cost small wind turbine that anyone can built.

This type of practical training course on building small wind turbine is conducted for the first time in Nepal.

The participants were divided into three groups namely wood working group, metal working group and mould working group.

At the end of each day of the workshop, participants were asked to participate in the summarization for the entire day activities showing the progress and remaining works for the each working group.

The workshop was guided by Mr. Kostas Lataufis from NeaGuinea (Greece), Mr. Nasos from National Technical University of Athens and Mr. Kimon Silwal from KAPEG.