Solar wind hybrid system at Mityal Palpa

In collaboration with: Nea Guinea, Greece and PEEDA

Supported by: WISIONS


  • Ward office with LED lights and mobile charging power-points.
  • Health post with freezing system, LED lights and mobile charging power-points

Installed location:

Ward no 4, Mityal, Nisdi Rural Municipality, Palpa district, Nepal.

Solar panels in hybrid mix:

A total of 600W solar panels are installed in combination with the 2.4m diameter locally constructed ferrite magnet small wind turbine.

Kostas measuring the anchor foundation holes in the sloppy hills

Cement mixing team getting the hard work done.

Community members working during the tower foundation works

Kimon showing how to lift the tower with chain pulley to system operator

Kostas showing the base of the tower during the maintenance training session to students and technicians.

Kimon explaining the technique involved for putting the turbine on the tower top during the maintenance training sessions.

Kimon explaining the electrical system to during the maintenance training sessions.

Kostas demonstrating the small wind turbine components assembly at the tower top.

Wind turbine at the hillltop

Ceremony from the village at the end