Electric Cooking Concept

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Most of the rural off grid population in Nepal is electrified with Micro-hydro energy systems. Micro-hydro system is categorized in the power range between 10kW to 100kW. The main components inside the power house are basically hydro turbine, generator, ballast heater and a electronic load controller (ELC). The Micro-hydro system electrifying a village requires to be operated in near constant power consumption for reliable operation which is ensured by the ELC component. The ELC basically controls the proportion of power in the ballast heater maintaining the nominal range of voltage and frequency (220V, 50Hz) in a wide range of village load operation.

DELC operates in same principle whereby it forms a means of control for a defined power (allocated to each households) distributed in the power system network in a designed manner. When DELC's are operated in full load condition, the distributed loads connected to corresponding DELC's (200W Rice Cookers in this case) bears the entire power generation of the Micro hydro system. In this condition, there is no power consumption in the main ballast heater. Different DELC's connected in various points of the electricity network regulates the voltage /frequency when consumer loads are turned on. When the DELC are turned off, the power returns back to the ballast heater in the power house.

The purpose of this innovative approach is to utilize the power in the main ballast heater so that power could be made available in the distant consumer center for productive health purposes (pasteurized water for drinking and cooking) meant to aid in improving health conditions. Presently large number of people in the village practice biomass stoves for heating and cooking activities leading to chronics respiratory diseases. The development of DELC intends to research the minimization of these diseases and its effectiveness and viability in the overall context in Nepal

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