Small Scale Hydropower for Rural Health in Nepal

Picture: Jumla

Programme: Grand Challenge Canada

Project Implementation: Nepal

Field Operations and Management: KAPEG

Project period: 18 Months

Project Manager Nepal: Kimon Silwal


Improving rural health with

  • Distributed Electronics Load Controllers: Providing pasteurized hot water and cooked food with Novel electronic controller in village homes.
  • Other Components such as Water filters, Enclosed cooking stoves, Latrines and Greenhouses.

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Implementation Site in Nepal

Ghodasin Village, Urthu VDC, Jumla District

Number of Households: 145

Small City of Jumla

Project Components

Focusing on Key Parameters for Developing Rural Health

Jumla District and Project Work Site

There are 30 Village Development Committees (VDC) in Jumla district. The Patmara VDC contains 5 villages and Ghodasin is the third one (ward No.3). There are 145 houses for 687 habitants in Ghodasin. The location of Ghodasin is attached to the Karnali river(A longest river of Nepal). In 1999, or 2056 B.S. a Micro Hydro Power system of 12 kW was installed for 86 households first and then for the remaining ones for providing electricity to the entire population (145 households) in the village. Comparatively, this village is one of the developed one in the district and its habitants have seen some concrete improvements in their living conditions during the last 15 years as being closest to the central Jumla city.

Ghodasin village is located in Patmara VDC, Ward No. 3 of Jumla district, in the Mid-Western region of Nepal. This district is surrounded by Mugu district, Kalikot district, Jajarkot district and Dolpa district, all located in the Mid-Western development region.

  • Coordinates: 2916’28"N 8213’21"E
  • 2528 meters above sea level

Site Location

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Ghodasin Village, Jumla

Field of Project Operations

Photo Gallery (Jumla)

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Project Accomplishments

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Small-scale hydro power lights up rural Nepal

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Posted by Kimon Silwal