KAPEG salt lamps have passed through several phases of its development in the past years. It is an attractive lamp which is manufactured from local materials. The unique lamp is made in Nepal by local people who have been trained in these new skills by KAPEG. It is mainly designed as night lamps for bedrooms. It is an elegant and antique piece of decorative lamp for giving any space a classic touch.

The salt lamps are,

  • Built using local, fair labor, providing new skills to a local community.
  • Each piece is unique as the base is shaped for the particular piece of salt. Rock salts are unique, attractive salts, colored by minerals and are millions of years old, sourced from the villages in the Himalayas.
  • The base of the lamp is made from sustainably grown wood which is access (Wastage) at a local furniture factory and otherwise would have been discarded.

The salt lamps are hand chiseled block of salt crystals. They have a pink color, often pinkish orange due to high concentration of minerals.

Excess Wood from Furniture Factory

As mentioned above, the wood used in these lamps is excess off-cuts from a local furniture factory nearby KAPEG. These pieces of wood would otherwise have been discarded or chipped and burned to run boilers. Using the off-cuts to build useful products is an innovative, job-generating idea that KAPEG is hoping will create a new local industry.


  • Kathmandu Alternative Power and Energy Group(KAPEG), manufactures salt lamps at its workshop locally and also takes custom orders as per customer’s choice.
  • Salt lamp serves as very beautiful decorative piece and can be kept in residential houses, restaurants, hotels and offices.
  • The salt lamps are plug-in type which needs to be connected in the mains supply (220V, 50Hz)
  • The lamps come with standards 1m cable length. But can also be ordered for desired cable length as per requirement.
  • The salt lamps are available in different shapes, sizes and weights. Please contact for further information.
  • We provide delivery service as well.