Market Assessment for Small Wind Turbines

Supported by: WISIONS

Collaborations: Wind Empowerment - Market Assessment Group (WE-MAWG)

Project Summary

The small wind power industry is undergoing gradual growth in the recent years. The energy tapped from wind and solar hybrid system has already demonstrated that access to electricity can be made possible in extremely remote regions of the country where the electricity grid is far from reach. With more effective assessment projects and proper implementation model, it is possible to turn the technology to become more viable and sustainable solution towards electricity access. Therefore, the key objective of the market assessment of small wind turbine is to provide policymakers and practitioners in Nepal the information needed to progress with small wind technology and maximize its utilization.

Therefore, KAPEG has started collaborations with WE-MAWG with support from AEPC and WISIONS to work primarily with the following objectives,

o Providing actionable information regarding the opportunities and barriers to small wind in Nepal, gained through a number of expert interviews.

o Highlighting areas within Nepal that are anticipated to be most viable for off-grid small wind turbines, accounting for a range of factors.

o Producing maps of Nepal, indicating where small wind is predicted to be the most cost-optimal off-grid generation method based on data gathered during the project.

o Conducting workshop for interactive knowledge exchange on market assessment of SWT and consolidation of guidelines for development of small wind turbine projects.