Comparison of Locally Manufactured Small Wind Turbines Technologies

Programme: DERri (Distributed Energy Resource Research Infrastructure)

Project conducted at National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)

Members: Jon Sumanik Leary, Kostas Lataufis, Kimon Silwal, Tom Westly

Wind Turbine Site at Rafina Greece

Photo Courtesy: Jon Sumanik Leary

This research compared the performance of AFPM generators built using neodymium and ferrite permanent magnets by bench testing comparable 850W generators. Neodymium is much more powerful than ferrite; however severe price fluctuations and corrosion issues mean that ferrite magnets could be a more appropriate choice for the local manufacture of Small Wind Turbines (SWTs). The bench testing work was conducted at National Technical University of Athens, Greece. With regard to the field testing conducted during this research, a power curve for a 2.4m diameter AFPM SWT incorporating the 850W neodymium generator that had been tested in the laboratory was produced at the NTUA Rafina test site according to the IEC 61400-12-1 standard. Peak power was measured as 525W at 10.5m/s, peak efficiency as 0.31 at 5m/s and the annual energy yield on a site with 5m/s mean annual wind speed was estimated to be 1271kWh/yr.

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