Water Purification Systems

Mud Pot Water Filters (MPWF)

The water filter uses clay filter disk with anti-bacterial ionic silver that kills bacteria and purifies the water for drinking.

The filter disk has been tested from scientific laboratories which shows removal of 99.99% of waterborne bacterias.

The filter disks are very affordable and easy to maintain and use.

KAPEG distributed 145 of these water filters at Jumla on 2014. As MPWF face difficulty while transporting it because of bad road conditions in Nepal, another version of filter system was prepared to assure 100% defect free filters when it reaches its destination.

Plastic Bucket Water Filters (PBWF)

PBWF contains a filter candle inside which is a same filtering material as MPWF. The water buckets is either 8 or 10 liters capacity with one bucket fitted at the top of another.

The water purification capacity of the filter candles are tested at ENPHO and results shows 99.99% purification efficiency.

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