Installation of Electrical Control System and Commissioning 3kW Low Head Pico Hydro System


Okhladhunga District, Molung besi, approx. 6 hours away from Kathmandu

15 Households

Power Generation: 3kW, Head: 5m, Flow: 102lps

Village of Molung Dovan, Okhaldhunga

KAPEG completed a electrical installation of 3kW low head pico-hydro system recently in the village of Molung village Okhaldhunga. The location is towards the north east part of the country with less than 30min off-road distance to reach the main site. The system is electrifying 15 households in 2 cluster of communities with basic lighting, mobile charging, televisions and mini-freezes as utilities.

The capacity (3kW) of system is the first of its kind in Nepal. KAPEG researched, identified and developed the electrical configuration (Control system and external excitation) required for this low head propellor type turbine.

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Photo Gallary

Water from the canal to the power house tank

One of the house cluster in the village

Configuring the electrical parts

Water from the canal to headworks
One of the community Village
Working with the external capacitance

Team working at the power house

Diversion at the heads

Power House
Water diversion at Head

5W LED's lightning the households in the village

Bhunte from the village

Returning home after many days of hardwork

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