Kathmandu Alternative Power and Energy Group (KAPEG) in partnership with Wind Empowerment (WE) carried out a project on 2018 titled “National Market Assessment of Solar-Wind Hybrid System in Nepal” supported by WISIONS.

The final project report along with short executive summary can be found at the side buttons.

Short Brief

This project, with fieldwork, carried out in March and April of 2018, presents data collected from six wind-solar hybrid mini-grid sites, with an analysis of failure modes and frequency, along with a summary of a series of expert interviews and techno-economic and mapping efforts. Taken together, these sections are intended to provide actionable information and recommendations for the off-grid small-wind and solar sector in Nepal. The report details the current status of small wind in the country, wherein the country is most viable for the technology, what issues need to be addressed to optimize the enabling environment for the technology and what the estimated market size is in Nepal. The authors hope that this report will contribute to a body of work that allows stakeholders and policymakers to understand the potential of small wind technology in hybrid mini-grid contexts, both in Nepal and internationally.

The record of the first webinar about the project and findings were released on October 8, 2018. Please find the youtube video record at the side.

The authors of this report would like to thank WISIONS of Wuppertal and the Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC) for their support and guidance throughout this project, additional thanks to the stakeholders who participated in the interview process, and to those who attended and contributed to the stakeholder engagement workshop.

This project has built upon a large body of work, and hopes to contribute our own advice and conclusions to projects that follow.

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Posted on November 10, 2019