E-Stove Installation - Simli - Rukum

Town Center of Simli Village, Rukum

Monsoon hits the entire district of Rukum quite severely. Many roadways are swept away by the landslides.

Sano Bheri - One of the important rivers flows just beside the Simli village

Power house Electrifying Simli village (400households) - 29kW Capacity

Installing loggers and sensors for powerhouse generation and load monitering

Poles down

A pretty common view during the monsoon time. This is a very hard issue for the micro-hydro utility currently. The electricity is out 3 to 4 times a week due to poles falling down during monsoon.

Open fire wood stoves - a common stove in the kitchen of generally all the households in remote areas

Many of times, the room is not visible due to smoke while cooking the meals

Households surveys for the investigation of types of energy used for cooking, items cooked, timings etc.. 50 households surveyed.

Setting up the logging system inside the powerhouse

Setting up the CT's

Loading 10 induction cookers to see the effect on micro grid voltage and frequency inside the power house during both peak and offpeak time

Training to users on using the induction type cookers

Cooking wheat breads in the induction cookers

Users cooking special meal called Khir

The enumerators are employed to measure and record the quantity of each item being cooked daily during the study period

Emon energy loggers installed for tracking users energy consumption after the addition of electric cookers.

The users were very happy with the use of induction type cookers in the short span of time. The data will be collected over the period of 1 months to study the details of the usage, social behavior/adaptation towards the technology and the financial aspects for scalability. At the same time, 2 others types of electric cookers will be deployed to the same site for more study.